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Whether you’re looking for a serious commitment or simply want to learn something new and have fun while doing it, there’s nothing more important than being taught by an experienced Piano Teacher. I’ve been offering my services to people of all ages in the Orlando area since the 1990s, and I’m here to give you the personalized attention you deserve so that you can reach your full potential.



Having begun his piano studies at age 8 with a strict German pianist, his studies eventually took him to a well-known local judge of piano competitions, James Somerville, who encouraged him to begin teaching piano at age 13.


In college he studied with Dr. Robert Brooks, a Julliard graduate and later with Artist in Residence at OSU, George Haddad. Mark continued his studies with Mr. Haddad long after college and learned his practice and piano techniques. Mr. Haddad could play literally any piano piece by memory, no matter how difficult, and he taught these skills to Mark.


His last teacher, Dr. Michael Rickman, has been very instrumental in developing Mark’s ability to interpret and analyze the scores in greater depth and play with much more interpretation and dynamics.


Mark had also been studying popular piano with well known pianists Joe Weisberg and David Wheeler. These teachers were composers, arrangers, and performers well known in the area(Columbus, OH) and Mark developed his popular piano stylings from them and performed in many of the same venues they did.


Mark has also studied and made himself familiar with many different world class pedagogy methods such as the Taubman method, Barbara Lister-Sink’s techniques, Seymour Fink’s techniques, Thomas Mark’s ideas on understanding how the body relates to piano playing, Fred Karpoff’s piano techniques,and Alan Fraser’s approach to piano technique along with others.


Mark understands that each student is unique and that their training in piano needs to be unique to them, not just put through a method mill like is taught today.

Mark is not only an ongoing performer, but he has released 8 recordings (CD’s, Cassettes) and 7 piano books, many which have been distributed and sold internationally through Hal Leonard. He is always preparing another recording and another book too.

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Mark is a very kind and professional music educator.  He has an extensive knowledge of the piano and piano literature.  He has been a wonderful piano teacher for my daughter for the past three years.  She has improved her playing beyond expectation during that time period thanks to his guidance.  I would highly recommend Mark as a piano teacher not only for my own children, but for my music students at Lake Brantley High School as well.

Brad Wharton

Director of Bands

Lake Brantley High School

Mark is very patient and extremely knowledgeable. He also works in Music Theory into the teaching and that's excellent. I took lessons as an adult. Also, Mark challenges you: rather than stay at the same level you left off with, he challenges you to play more extensive music, which as it happens YOU CAN DO IT. Also, he is on time and is a no nonsense thorough piano teacher.

Bonnie Wieboldt, Sanford

I am really learning so much and feel I have the best piano teacher ever. Mark is patient and so good at helping me work out problems with new pieces so I always feel I am making good progress.

Sue Hilliard, Apopka

Mark is very professional and is easy to work with, no matter what level piano you are aspiring.

Jeffrey Hyatt, Longwood

I started taking lessons with Mark to prepare for my college auditions to pursue a piano performance degree. While studying with Mark I excelled and learned practice techniques that I still use today. When it was time for my auditions, I felt extremely prepared and confident. I auditioned at Stetson University in DeLand, FL and was accepted into their music school, receiving the highest scholarship award allowed for a Piano Major. I also went on to study at Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA. I am now a Music Teacher at a private school, and have previously worked as an Assistant Music Director and Contract Pianist. I learned so much while studying with Mark. He helped me grow as a pianist and prepared me for college and my musical career.

Dylane York, Casselberry

He is patient with me. Best of all.....he is extremely knowledgeable. I'm learning so much more than I ever, even dreamed about!

Patti Pierce, Apopka

Mark is a gem of a teacher. Having decades of experience as a composer, music director and performer, he has been the perfect fit for my three boys. Each of my children excel in different ways musically, and Mark has guided each boy in increasing his musicianship and skills according to the child’s strengths. He is classically trained and skilled in composing and technology, giving him the ability and flexibility to guide his students in growing musically according to each student’s needs. He is an excellent teacher for technique, artistry and performance.

Christi Griffith, Apopka



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Mark Looney

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